WordFile Creator Pro (Korean)

WordFile Creator Pro (Korean) 1.2

WordFile Creator Pro (Korean) helps us create word files for Korean FlashCards
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WordFile Creator Pro (Korean) is a shareware utility for those of us wanting to learn the Korean language. This program helps us create Korean audio word files, which can be imported to another Korean learning program called Declan's Korean FlashCards. We can create our own word files in four guided steps. First, we must load an existing FlashCards project, or create a new one. We can collect words for our project from the Declan's Korean Dictionary, from the online Audio Word Files Archive, and from our Tab Delimited Text Files. Another way of collecting word files is converting our Pocket PC word files to Windows, and vice versa. Once we have a word list, we can select the words and add them to our project. This program automatically informs us about the sound status for each word, that is, available locally, available to download from the developer's sound files archive, user sound available, not available, or unknown. We can import mp3 audio files for words without sound (pronunciation). Next, it is possible to compile and save the new word file as a compatible file format for Windows, or Pocket PC. This program can be evaluated free of charge. As well as Declan's Korean FlashCards, and Korean Dictionary, there is another related program called ReadWrite Korean.

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  • Free evaluation version
  • We can increase the number of audio word files by importing them to Declan's Korean Flashcards


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